About Us

Frost & Frost, LLC is a Houston, Texas based company engaged in art, game, and book publishing business. The company is the publisher of the award-winning SQUAREMINO® board game and 2017 sci-fi thriller The God AI.

Frost Co-founders

Co-founder Wenlan Frost is a museum-exhibited American artist with an M.S. degree in Management of Technology from MIT Sloan School. She worked as an equity research analyst and an investment adviser for a few years on Wall Street. She became a visual artist in 2007. Her artwork spans from painting to digital art and design. She also runs an Etsy shop for her commercial offerings.

Co-founders Daniel and David, age 18 and 15 respectively, are Dan and Wendy’s sons. Daniel is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. He has written dozens of science fiction short stories and published his first novel, The God AI in 2017. Currently, he is a sophomore majoring in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. David is a Scholastic Art Regional Silver Key Award winner and taking college classes. They both love board games and video games.

Making a Smarter and Happier World

Our mission is to create innovative, artistic and intelligent products based on the concepts of art and mathematics. Through our products, we strive to enrich people’s lives, bring people new forms of entertainment and happiness, and connect people everywhere in the world.

We also believe that we can enhance children’s cognitive, analytical, and strategic thinking mindset and skills through playing board games and other products we designed. We are proud to have an opportunity to make our contributions to mankind through our work and products.